Currently Listening To: Niki And The Dove – Instinct

Niki And The DoveInstinct
Release Date: 14th May 2012
Genre: Electropop 
Sub Pop, Mercury 

While awaiting the next The Knife album, announced along with their fight for housing rights in Roma last year, I’ve been jumping onto anything which offers dark dreamy synth, and 2012 has delivered some great stuff with Grimes and Purity Ring. Niki And The Dove is the closest in sound to The Knife yet, a sound which keeps me going as I await for the next Silent Shout. Though with each quality new act the less my heart yearns. I’ve got what I need right here, right now.

Instinct is the début from Niki And The Dove and it offers a range of pop beauts, from the soaring ‘Tomorrow‘ to the tribal-esque ‘The Fox‘ the music is confident, the beats mesmerising. Resemblances to The Knife, Fever Ray and Bjork are evident, but there is enough personality here to stop it from being a pale imitation, it’s radiant. The band takes on a lighter tone than its influences and often goes into pop club territory with the catchy numbers ‘Somebody‘ and ‘DJ Ease My Mind‘. It’s like the 80’s never left.

Niki And The Dove is the new duo from Sweden who are here to fill the gap of that other Swedish duo while offering some extra cheer. It is almost a case of meet the new duo, same as the old duo, but there is more light than darkness here.

An album to listen to when you need your synth pop fix.


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