Ask And It Is Given: Learning To Manifest The Law Of Attraction

Ask And It Is Given: Learning To Manifest The Law Of Attraction 
Authors: Esther and Jerry Hicks
Release Date: 25th September 2008
Hay House UK

So Esther Hicks went to a séance and ended up taking up meditation after enjoying the experience. During meditation she started drawing words in the sky with her fingers, led by a soul called Abraham. This kindly spirit told her about the Law Of Attraction and together they ended up writing this book. I think Jerry just went along for the ride. Last time I went meditating I met a spirit called Jim who made me communicate the secrets of the universe through burps, but I haven’t got round to writing the book yet. 

If you’re sad it is because you have doubts in your mind, if you’re ill your vibrations aren’t right. To think constantly positive with no room for concern should align you neatly with the vibrations of the universe and things will go your way. That is the essence of what the book is trying to say but they take over three hundred pages to do so. There are a selection of exercises to do to help you manifest this law of attraction which can help make you feel better, but ultimately you just need some good vibrations. And listening to The Beach Boys can give you that.

Ask and it is Given is a book which is full of positive thought but one which I can’t help but feel is trying to enlist you into the cult of nut jobs. If you believe that you will be never get ill, you never will. And you can cure yourself from cancer if you genuinely believe so. Plus all death is a self-imposed suicide. A leaner message with less wacky teachings would make a more suitable offering. But what do I know, my vibrations are forever out of whack. And Jim and his burp communication don’t help me with that. Reading through this I felt at least 1% more positive than usual. And that’s an achievement for a moody sod like myself.


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