Currently Listening To: Nirvana – Incesticide

Release Date: 14th December 1992 
Genre: Grunge

B-Sides tend to be the scraps of rejected tracks and inferior remixes bundled together to make a bit of extra cash on the side while appeasing the rabid fanbase. Nirvana’s Incesticide is that, but the scraps are pretty juicy. Like bacon fat or a soft crust. ‘(New Wave) Polly‘ is definitely the half chewed cucumber though.

Incesticide contains B-Sides, BBC sessions, original demo recordings, outtakes and other stuff according to the case yet despite being such a mix of this and that it comes together quite well as a complete album. The first half have the mellow side seen in ‘Nevermind‘, while the latter half descends into the heft of ‘Bleach‘. ‘Sliver‘ is as good as anything from the main albums and The Vaselines and Devo covers have a place to be heard without encroaching on Nirvana’s carefully pieced studio albums of original content. The only track which feels like filler is the rather poor new wave version of ‘Polly’ which has nothing on the excellent acoustic led version from ‘Nevermind’. It’s interesting to see different mixes of tracks, but it feels like the shaky mid point before Incesticide moves onto the heavier material. It’s almost a sign for those who don’t like the harsher side of the band to bail as the real grunge sound enters.

An album to listen to when you’re still hungry after a three course meal of Bleach, Nevermind and In Utero.


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