Currently Listening To: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Mother’s Milk

Red Hot Chili PeppersMother’s Milk
Release Date: 16th August 1989
Genre: Funk Rock

After By The Way left me feeling a little mellow, I needed to get back to the funk to pick me up. I needed some Mother’s Milk.

The cover of Stevie Wonder‘s ‘Higher Ground‘ is the track which made me a fan of the Chilis and so Mother’s Milk obviously has a warm place in my heart. This is a time when the band were young and free to do whatever they wanted, not ground up by the process known as ageing. Each track has a lot of energy and hyperactive musings, as the tracks often push into other unrelated segments and riffs as if the radio has been turned over for few seconds before tuning back in.  ‘Good Time Boys‘ sets the tone that this is an album which is going to funk you rather than try to make you feel a touch sombre. It isn’t coherent, but it makes for some hella cool sounds. Do people say hella anymore? They probably did back in 89.

This is before the band knew what mellow meant and each track is raw, loud and a whole lot of fun for those who can handle something which doesn’t go for that soft familiar rock sound people like to hear in the morning. Youth is a glorious minor moment of life, but at least the records of a time gone remain for the current age to enjoy. We just don’t get music like this anymore. Funk, metal, punk, covers and even a ‘Pretty Little Ditty‘ make Mother’s Milk an album which expresses the sound of the Chilis as they evolved and moved into the mainstream. But no signs of the ageing process just yet, this was just them hitting their stride in the face with a bass guitar. The stride didn’t stop after this abusive attack, thankfully.

An album to listen to when the teats have dried up.


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