Nestle Vice Versas

Nestle have brought back Vice Versas! I don’t actually remember them so they are brand spanking new to me, but for all those oldies out there, you can once again enjoy white/milk chocolate and milk/white chocolate shell and choc centre combos! Like yin and yang. Or sober and wasted on the floor in a corner after… nevermind. Too much contrast. 

They appear as Minstrels, the white ones looking like those out of date ones you sometimes find in vending machines, but the blend of white shell and milk chocolate insides or vice versa (aha!) means they certainly don’t taste like Minstrels. They taste like cheap Smarties. How did that happen? Nestle do the real deal Smarties so why do these taste like imposters?

I think the rather exotic blend of two chocolate tastes don’t mix well, much like you shouldn’t mix drinks, and so the taste ends up cheap. Minstrels and Milkybar Giant Buttons are the kings, these are the freak accident. Maybe bundling the two together in one bag would have been better, just stop them from cross breeding. Maybe they stopped making them for a reason. Still they are sufficient when you can’t decide what you want. And being indecisive is a terrible flaw.



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