Final Summer Break In August 2012

August saw the final months of summer bliss. It rained most of the time, but these few weeks were perhaps the last chance to be a docile delinquent without feeling too guilty about it. Now there is no education to go back to in September, it seems these days are coming to a close. This time next year I’ll probably be in some full-time retail job working for the man. Optimistic.

So the last free month of free feeling was spent in Liverpool, sunny Spain and back home in Oswaldtwistle. I felt a little like Mike in The Deer Hunter when he comes home after the war. Life there hasn’t moved much at all, but you don’t exactly fit within it anymore. I don’t have the war trauma of course though. Liverpool wasn’t that bad.

A month of delinquency with a touch of future doubt tarnishing each day. Same as usual then.


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