Currently Listening To: The XX – Coexist

The XX- Coexist 
Release Date: 10th September 2012
Genre: Indie Pop
Young Turks 

The XX provided minimalism for times when anything else was just too much. Music helps paper over that heavy silence, but sometimes the sound of wailing guitars and thumping dance beats isn’t working. The XX was a soft approach to making music which felt of the past while hinting at the future, without creating a migraine in the process.

Coexist is the future, and the future is br… much the same as the past. But they’ve turned up the intensity by one, so it stands a little closer to the music you’d find at a dance club. But one of these trance clubs where everyone is on something. The lyrics aren’t as dreamy when they talked about things on VCR and moons and stars, but they still hold a quiet beauty thanks to the lovely duo of Oliver Smith and Romy Croft who bring to life the topics of love and break up which work with their gaps of nothing, seeping guitars and sedated drum beats.

It won’t win over new fans, but the familiarity isn’t overly so just yet. This second albums serves to polish up their style while showing a touch of maturity. I prefer the more innocent times, but I’ll happily coexist with this.

An album to listen to when you want to remove the silence but not the peace.


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