Hershey’s Kisses – Cookies’n’Creme & Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate

You see share bag Hershey’s on the shelf and it’s time to get excited. Cookies’n’Creme and Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate are the delights on offer and so being the greedy sugar powered monster that I am, I grabbed both. The best chocolate to munch to while enjoy people getting their heads splattered against walls in Dredd. But these aren’t cinema friendly. God damn wrappers! 

Each chocolate is lovingly wrapped in a tinfoil wrapper which is a filling filled mouths worst nightmare and once you peel that off there is a paper tag to deal with. What a pain it is to deal with each piece of chocolate individually, especially when you’re trying to focus on Dredd murdering no good criminals on the big screen. I only got paper in my mouth once.

Taste wise these are heavenly, and keep their bar versions distinctive taste unlike the Cadbury share bag chocs which merge into one taste across each type. The wrappers probably help, but they aren’t half a pain in the ass.I guess you could actually share these with another and not feel so bad about it. They can enjoy unwrapping each piece while you finish them off. Sharing is so much fun!


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