Bleach Volume 37: Beauty Is So Solitary

Bleach Volume 37: Beauty Is So Solitary 
Story and Art: Tite Kubo
Release Date: 4th February 2009
Covers Chapters -99 – -97 & 316-322
Shonen Jump /Viz Media

Step out of the past and into war. There’s no more time to be reminiscing as your opponents make their move. Isn’t that always the case? At least within war beauty can still blossom. Though in Bleach Volume 37, that beauty is probably the most horrific thing going on so far. Roses are truly hideous. 

Volume 37 polishes off the Pendulum past arc and swings us right back into the present. All that’s left to be told in the past is how Uruhara fits into all this and once that’s been sorted it’s Soul Reapers versus Espada as they fight over a fake version of Karukaru town. It’s the minor characters time to shine first as they take on some Arrancars we’ve never seen before.The objective is to protect the four pillars which keep the fake town in place instead of the real one. If the Arrancar win it means a lot of civilian death. No pressure then.

The four new Arrancar who step down against Hisagi, Kira, Ikkaku and Yumichika each have distinctive appearances and personalities which bring these minor bit parts to life and create a few hollow memories. Though transvestite Arrancar Charlotte will be leaving slightly stronger ones, perhaps to replace that whale in your nightmares.

The eccentric battle between Yumichikia and Charlotte is the meat of the rather transitional piece and it offers a light-hearted, if slightly disturbing beginning to the great battle. It feels a little out of place with the supposed intensity of the situation at hand, but the quirky characters getting a few beautiful moments to shine is welcome after however many volumes of angst and drama. Just wash your eyes out with soap later. Exacto!


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