Currently Listening To: Beck – Sea Change

BeckSea Change 
Release Date: 24th September 2002
Genre: Alternative Rock

Everyone goes through relationship troubles at some stage in their life. Most likely numerous times. When Beck had troubles Sea Change happened. A break up for the better?

Sea Change saw a change in Beck. Gone are the smart ironic lyrics about everyday consumerist life and instead are soft thoughtful lyrics about depression and lost love. It’s a sudden turn and a transformation into a more adult artist, but while the music holds more heart than something like ‘By The Way‘, it feels like the death of the old Beck, and later albums rarely hold the same appeal the likes of Mellow Gold and Odelay did. Anti folk is no more.

Sea Change is great for those moments when one feeling and emotion is required to sooth over the pain, though I prefer to go the slightly angsty route for these situations with Weezer‘s Pinkerton. It’s a different way to handle the feeling of break up though, and the acoustic melodies are as strong as ever and relatable lyrics do hit a few emotional twangs. Beck can still hold his own no matter which direction he chooses to go in, it’s just disappointing that he isn’t singing about friend chicken and giant dildos filling up the sky anymore.

An album to listen to when you’re other half has just hit you in the face with a hammer and stormed out into the dead of night. They aren’t coming back and they took your favourite CD. And afterwards you’ll guess your doing fine. It’s calming like that.


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