Currently Listening To: JazzHands TEP (The Tea EP)

JazzHands – TEP (The Tea EP)
Genre: Jazz Rock

There are a few things I think back to when Liverpool comes to mind. Baby seagull wailing in the morning, passed out drunks across from Waterstones and JazzHands. All very beautiful memories which make me all warm inside when I think back to them. 

JazzHands are a jazz rock band who play in the pubs within the city and probably elsewhere, I’ve only seen them once. But the night I heard them sing touching songs about sausage parties and such, I was seeing them play in my sleep. Especially the guy wearing a pink tutu. They apparently enjoy dressing like carrots most of the time, which seems like a new fashion explosion waiting to happen. I’d do it, she’d do it and you’re probably thinking about it right this minute.

The carefully constructed blend of jazz and metal is akin to an angel massaging the shoulders while wearing silk gloves. It’s beautiful and sure to give your mother an ulcer. The EP can be downloaded for absolutely nothing here: . When they play this stuff live they have a man in a woolly gimp mask running around with his cowbell. The only person with a gimp mask back home is the type of guy who’d rather smash your back exit in than spank some bell. He’d probably do that too actually…

JazzHands make me yearn to be back in the Pool, though the EP keeps me sedated when the baby seagulls start squawking in my sleep. Everything will be okay once I set up my synth folk band over here to make Oswaldtwistle the place to be.


2 thoughts on “Currently Listening To: JazzHands TEP (The Tea EP)

    • I’d love to and I totally would, but it clashes all kinds of bad with my work. Volunteer work, but still I’m expected this weekend. I think this Thursday night is the only night I have to truly let it all go. But of course they aren’t playing this Thursday!

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