Lucozade Energy Pink Lemonade

Mmm, sweet lemonade, oh pink lemonade. Lucozade’s latest experiment takes us to sweeter pastures with lemons and berries. The pink juice looks so wonderfully toxic.

Lucozade Energy Pink Lemonade remains surprisingly close to the real deal. The glucose tends to invade the senses rather than the flavour in question, and the burning sensation upon first swigage causes many tears. But these typical elements are absent! This is joyously sweet and creates that necessary kick to survive a heavy bout of day time TV. It seems to go a little flat as you get through the bottle though; there is a distinct  lack of fizz all round. Or maybe I just shook mine up too much. It didn’t spray everywhere though. They say if you drink pink lemonade everyday you start to hallucinate and see Alecia Moore throwing the stuff in her hair. So it makes sense that the pink lemonade may also have the power to slowly remove the fizz.

A sweet success.


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