Currently Listening To: Blur – Think Tank

BlurThink Tank 
Release Date: 5th May 2003
Genre: Alternative Rock

Things falling apart before the great collapse. Think Tank crawls out from the rubble, carrying remnants of Coxon and the head of Albarn. A creature which wouldn’t exist if everyone just got along. Sometimes screw ups aren’t so bad. Until the day after, anyway.

Think Tank was Blur’s final album before the split, who knows if they’ll pull something together now they’re all chums again. Coxon bailed early on so his sound is only a minor thing, the rest being the obvious creation of Damon Albarn and his crazy worldly tastes. It’s almost like an offshoot Gorillaz album rather than what was the latest edition to the Blur collection, and I don’t mind that at all. A lot of people certainly did at the time, but I was too busy not being busy with music back then.

I can only look at it now and see it as a collection of calming mellow tracks with the occasional release of guitar fuelled energy to wake you up from the peaceful zone it places you in. I really like the heavy dose of electronica, it adds the out of this world sound that takes you away. Even when the lyrics focus on the political side of things. It’s an album which appeals to me more than the previous Blur records, purely on my leanings towards Albarn’s more diverse genre trappings.

An album to listen to while watching the news on mute. Think Blur, Think Tank.


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