Currently Listening To: Foster The People – Torches

Foster The PeopleTorches 
Release Date: 23rd May 2011
Genre: Pop
Sony Music

When ‘Pumped Up Kicks‘ first came out I was humming and singing along without knowing who’d done it. I thought, ‘Hey, what’s MGMT been up to recently? This?’ No! Foster The People. 

Torches is the début album from Foster The People and their style does riff slightly on MGMT’s, mainly down to the soft vocal style and trance pop beats. There is less experimentation in sound between tracks here though instead opting for more dance style beats, and apart from the rave like ‘Houdini‘ everything bubbles softly and slowly. It’s perfect pop fodder for the radio, but there is enough of a spark to make people’s ears prick when their songs come on. The singles at least are rather infectious. Simple repetitive lyrics means you’ll be subconsciously joining in to. Don’t stop.

Torches is a chilled out  album that everyone should get along with. Good background noise for a hot summers day though not much more. Which means it won’t get much play round here. It isn’t music for brooding in the rain, that’s for sure.

An album to listen to when you want something which doesn’t sound like a skull going through a blender,


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