Currently Listening To: Green Day – ¡Uno!

Green Day ¡Uno! 
Release Date: 24th September 2012
Genre: Pop Punk

Films, books and games are obsessed with trilogies, so why not get albums on the bandwagon? Here we have Uno! Dos! Tre! the new trilogy from ageing punk rockers Green Day. Screw the upside down exclamation marks though, I don’t know how to do them without trawling through the insert custom character option. I’d be here all night!

Green Day has promised each part of the trilogy will have a different sound and so Uno! begins with were the band began, good old American punk. The days of Kerplunk and Dookie seem a distant memory for many, so Uno! is a rather nostalgic experience. Right from the off they are busting out Dookie sounding riffs and lyrics with ‘Nuclear Family‘ and the pace keeps going with no moment of slow down till the final track ‘Oh Love‘ which feels like a transition into the next albums style. There is no modernisation here, it’s all new music sounding like it did in the 90’s. Except ‘Kill The DJ‘. Which sticks out like the obvious single that it is.

But Uno! suffers due to how cynical it all feels. The three have grown and moved onto more epic bombastic stuff with American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, going back to their punk roots feels false. There is no real aggression behind any of it no matter how many times Armstrong throws his fucks about. The music is fun and sounds good, but it’s an artificial replica of their original sound, music without meaning.

Uno! isn’t terrible by any means, it rarely drops a duffer but it never coughs up a classic. It’s just a fun album; is there something wrong with just being fun? An album to listen to when you want to relive the past while embracing the present. At the same time. Next up is the garage rock sound with Dos!. I’m still on board the trilogy train.


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