Poem 84: Multi Perception Dimension Eyes

Right Eye.

A man on the can with eyes of bemusement and a face of intense pain.

Left Eye,

An empty car park. An abandoned shopping trolley. The steel camouflaged with the cement.

Right Eye.

Toilet door shut. The words ‘Nothing Much’ scrawled on the front.

Left Eye.

The trolley meanders away with the wind.

Right Eye.

The exit door of the toilets. Dried faeces. Wet tramp.

Left Eye

A brick shack stands to the right. A pungent aroma lingers.

Right Eye

Outside. Grey cement, concrete blocks, grey trolley sailing. Someone.

Left Eye.

A tramp lies by the open door.A light flickers. A man stands.

Right Eye.

I’ve seen this all so many times.

Eyes Closed

The beauty of the dark is the only time I see the whole of it all.


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