Currently Listening To: Deftones – Deftones (Self Titled)

DeftonesDeftones (Self Titled) 
Release Date: 20th May 2003
Genre: Alternative Metal

The self titled, most bands get round to it at some point. What does it mean? Is it to define or to laze? If this was a Weezer album we’d know it as the Skull Album. 

This self titled is also the funny album in the band’s career. After the gradual transition from heavy metal with a few soft tracks to soft electronica with a few heavy metal tracks they’ve gone back on themselves with this album. The confident leaps suddenly turned into uncertain steps and it seems they’ve decided to devolve back to the Adrenaline sound rather than march onwards.

Not that the dominating heavy sound is a bad thing, this is a killer set of songs which strike hard and they keep on coming. The more ‘peaceful’ songs like ‘Battle-Axe‘ (‘Minerva‘ is a real beaut no two ways about it though) seem awkwardly stuffed in to show they are still doing that sort of thing, but they don’t seem to work well with the overall tone. They feel like weak White Pony lites, largely lacking the ability to push your emotions out into the public, and come across as tacked on against some of their best heavy metal pieces. Formulaic some may say. This is for Suzie. So head bang. ‘When Girls Telephone Boys‘ will get you going, plus it has an excellent name too. Always a bonus.

An album to listen to after getting out of the digital bath. It’s time to wake up. Just be careful you don’t trip over on the lulls.


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