Currently Listening To: Idiot Pilot – Strange We Should Meet Here

Idiot PilotStrange We Should Meet Here 
Release Date: 17th May 2005
Genre: Alternative Rock

It was back in college when I first discovered Idiot Pilot, a single track put into a electro rock collection on the net. Years later I play back that same track ‘A Day In The Life Of A Pool Shark‘ and decided to finally jump into the album. How strange we should meet here so many years later. 

The album is like the love child of Radiohead and Deftones, dark rock pop mixed with fierce screams to make a truly divine sound. Divine for those who can embrace some pretty hefty screaming anyway. But while this rather unpopular musical style is prominent, they do it to bring out the pained aggression, something similar to the way Deftones do it, but slightly more illegible. It works with the guitars and synths most of the time, like an extra instrument rather than the voice of reason. It’s rather dreamy screaming.

For the most part though the band sing in a mellow style which is comparable to Radiohead, and the two blend together to make something truly unique and it helps boil a frustrated lonely mind. It can rage (The Violent Tango), it can soothe (Les Lumieres), and it can even confuse (A Light At The End Of The Tunnel). There is diversity rarely seen within a début  such a great pool of depth from two 18 year old guys. There’s even a rap track tucked within the electronic waves. Why aren’t Idiot Pilot huge yet?

An album to listen to on one of those dark rainy nights when you can see the neon lights flickering in the puddles reflections. Of your mind.


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