Currently Listening To: Depeche Mode – Violator

Depeche ModeViolator 
Release Date: 19th March 1990
Genre: Alternative Dance 

Here comes the Violator, are you ready to be violated? It’s too late for me, it got me a long time ago… now I need my Personal Jesus. 

It may have taken me a while to allow some Depeche mode albums into my life, but Depeche Mode have always been walking in and throwing their singles in my face, ever since I was a wee boy. The moody topics matched with a catchy dance beat make for the ultimate anti-disco. Stick Sweetest Perfection on at a party and watch everyone go sick. They just can’t achieve that perfection, they’re crying inside whilst they dance. So fun! The style is definitely from the 90’s, but it still holds a zen like quality making it the perfect solo party album for the night. Something which shouldn’t work which works too well.

An album to listen to when you want to just sit back and enjoy the silence. And you want to be all ironic about it. You.


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