Currently Listening To: Radiohead – Pablo Honey

RadioheadPablo Honey
Release Date: 22nd February 1993
Genre: Alternative Rock

The one that features ‘Creep‘, the song mostly everyone likes, even if they don’t like Radiohead. Don’t shit on the hit. 

Pablo Honey set Radiohead up for stardom thanks to ‘Creep’ a catchy track about being a creep and having some girl run away from them. Very cheerful. It’s easy lyrical hooks and soaring vocals towards the end make it a karaoke classic though, people rarely care about lyrical content when they can sing along. The rest of the album is alright too, you know?

It all plays out like with distorted guitars and mellow vocals with the occasional rise, though never as high as when she ruuuunnnns. It’s closest to grunge in style rather than the Brit Pop doing the rounds around that time, so it stands out in that respect, though a fair majority of the tracks lack a certain spark seen in Radiohead’s later albums due to crummy lyrics about playing guitars and aeroplanes, and monotonous direction. ‘You‘, and ‘Vegetable‘ are the cream of the crop outside of the obvious, and the sparks within the grime show the potential the band went on to achieve.

An album to listen to when you want to listen to an album with a baby on the cover, but not one with its junk hanging out for all to see. Okay.


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