Currently Listening To: Jane’s Addiction – Nothing’s Shocking

Jane’s AddictionNothing’s Shocking 
Release Date: 23rd August 1988
Genre: Alternative Rock
Warner Bros. 

Two naked female Siamese twins with their heads on fire. Pretty tame. Nothing’s shocking anymore. The other day an old lady flashed me and spat her teeth out onto the curb. It didn’t even phase me. I was slightly aroused though. Does that count?

Nothing’s Shocking is sublime, the sort of album people should be mentioning in classic album discussions down at the pub. But no one seems to do it, probably not British enough for round these parts, and so people just go wuh, or start barking when you mention them. Isn’t that just shocking?

It’s an upbeat album with fun songs about a serial killer (Ted, Just Admit It) and lots of political angst. It’s more than just a collection of catchy songs, little comments etched within the tracks show a personal side,and when the overload of heavy riffs explode into a brief acoustic (Jane Says) or jazz number (Thank You Boys), you can only sit back and let it spray you in the face with its audio ejaculation. That metaphor isn’t shocking at all! Over doing it?

An album to listen to when you’ve just witnessed a car crash and yawned.


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