Currently Listening To: Pixies – Doolittle

Release Date: 18th April 1989
Genre: Alternative Rock

I’ve been sailing away on the wave of mutilation for years, but I never delved further into the depths. I don’t know why, I loved that song like my own imaginary children, things like that just happen. You know? So I finally give it a go, and it feels like years wasted not wasting my years listening to this. What a waste. 

Doolittle is a masterpiece of verse chorus verse, soft then loud. Back then this was grunge before grunge was that next big thing. Short but full of depth, each track holds moments of beauty and tragedy, all to a catchy chorus about eyeball slicing or a dead monkey on its trip to heaven. That’s what it’s all about! The sense of humour mixed with the dark subject matter blended in with the dirty guitar sounds make for the best damn noise in the world. ‘Here Comes Your Man‘ feeds the tame and ‘Tame‘ devours the wild. Beautiful contradictions all round.

An album to listen to when you want some pop which doesn’t feel quite so squeaky clean.


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