Xbox 360 IGN Live & Gamespot TV Apps

Two new apps join the Xbox Live party, IGN Live and Gamespot TV, two popular video game websites ready to share their information without having to log onto a PC! Need to know if Just Dance 4 is worth a go? Just wait for the app part of Xbox Live to load, then find the site app, then wait for that to load, then search it, then wait for that to load then… you get how it works. In the time it takes to boot one of these apps up, you could probably boot your PC and find the required information in half the time. Speed beats convenience most of the time. 

IGN Live and Gamespot TV are very similar, game opinions aside. The layouts are the same and they both offer the same sort of information, though I noticed IGN Live likes to hide any information on other game consoles, TV, film, and comics reporting seen on the actual website. It makes sense that the information focusses on the 360, but to be worth using over the website they need to offer everything the website does. And they don’t.

Stop with the apps and hurry up with the Xbox web browser! Maybe when that graces the console we’ll be done of these slow empty carcasses of the real thing.


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