Cadbury Dairy Milk With Oreo

A few days ago the Cadbury Oreo bar found its way into my mouth. It was a casual passing of chocolate without any notion from the chocolate sharer that it was a Oreo special. The soft white creamy filling and crunchy biscuit with the smooth layer of Cadbury’s chocolate makes for a heavenly combo. I’m sure this is what it tastes like inside people’s mouths up there. Which sounds a bit gross, but it isn’t! 

After devouring the few shards of chocolate (about half the bar really) I had to find another and much to my surprise, the Cadbury Oreo bar is currently as common as a non pregnant teen in the Hyndburn area. I tried Tesco, Home Bargains, local newsagents and Spar. It seems only Asda and the Co-op are currently stocking this sickly paradise round here. So that’s where you need to go. So go.


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