Format: Xbox 360
Players: 1
Online: 2-12
Genre: First Person Shooter
Release Date: 21st August 2009
Raven Software, id Software, Pi Studios, Endrant Studios, Activision 

The war against the Nazis will go on for all of eternity in the realm of fiction. It’s an enemy everyone has learnt to hate as early as primary school, and so Nazis will be smashed against the wall again and again, no one is bored yet. And if someone begins to yawn, throw in some sci-fi. Works everytime. 

The 2009 Wolfenstein carries on the madness of the series thanks to the Nazis constant meddling with strange artefacts and experiments. A veil dimension has been discovered,  a green tinted world full of weird creatures, and it’s up to Agent B.J. Blazkowicz to stop the Nazis from making use of this strange place. He managed to grab one of the artefacts himself and so you must battle the Nazis with the power of the veil. No mecha Hitler this time, but the concept is weird enough to set it apart from the likes of Call of Duty.

There are four powers in total, a shield to block bullets, the power to slow down time, enhanced power to bullets and a veil to spot secret doors and highlight enemies. The powers bring more options to the table when fighting the army of foot soldiers though it would have been nice to see more environmental puzzles to make full use of these abilities. The archaeology site level has BJ slowing down time to rush through doors and avoid deadly traps, but aside from the occasional switch puzzle the game sticks to shooting. A missed opportunity which makes the veil powers wasted potential. A rather empty over world between missions is also a waste, it’s more of a repetitive battle ground than a real breathing world of revels and spys. There is a distinct lack of hideous monsters to fight too, and so it plays too straight too often.  It’s still fun to shoot, but it would have been more fun to shoot and think.

The online pushes further away from the creative edge the single player sets up and it offers nothing unique to the bloated online fps market. Veil powers act as class perks, sprint for engineer, heal for medics, weird strike attack for soldier, and the weapons stick to the standard rifles and rocket launchers. No Particle Cannon to play around with here. The team matches based on killing and objectives is still fun though, and simplicity sometimes wins out as seen by the steady flow of players still shooting away three years on.

Despite the wasted potential, Wolfenstein is still a decent Nazi blaster, one which offers an Indiana Jones styled adventure as you fight through temples, castles and atop Zeppelins. With a gun that disintegrates enemies.Okay, not much like Indiana Jones then.



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