Currently Listening To: Pixies – Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim

PixiesSurfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim 
Release Date: 28th September 1987 (Come On Pilgrim)/ 21st March 1988 (Surfer Rosa)
Genre: Alternative Rock

You jump into a new band with their most accessible album, then you probably go back. Unless the first is the most accessible, then you can only go forwards. Doolittle down, time for some surfing and pilgrims back in the past before my time. 

The EP Come On Pilgrim is combined with the début album Surfer Rosa, making a gigantic twenty-two track CD, but the quick blasts of sound still flies by as most songs keep it under two minutes. It jumps from distorted screaming (Something Against You), to soft mellow emotion (Where Is My Mind?) to Spanish (Isla De Encanta). It can be a shock to the ears. What is all this diversity?!

The EP plays once Surfer Rosa wraps things up and it makes for a smooth transition; the sound hadn’t had time to evolve too much between the original releases. It’s all sounds like a big block of noise initially, but repeat listens opens up the hidden depths and mellow beauty. Soft, loud, soft, loud is played to full effect and smart anti-biblical lyrics astonish. A brief conversation about telling someone to ‘fucking die‘ is the only break in music and one which acts as a cheap raw gimmick rather than providing anything of worth. This stuff works best when melded within songs, like how Beck does it.

An album to listen to when you want double Pixies, double ‘Vamos‘ (two versions are featured) and double pilgrims. Because one pilgrim is never enough.


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