Currently Listening To: M83 – Saturdays = Youth

M83Saturdays = Youth 
Release Date: 11th April 2008
Genre: Shoegaze

Sundays = Sloth, Mondays = Dross, Tuesdays = Misery, Wednesdays = Orange, Thursdays = Anticipation, Fridays = Relief, Saturdays = Youth. That’s how it all works out, I think. 

Saturdays = Youth was a movement from M83. The heavy ambience still in place, but sitting at the side lines, allowing pop to take control. It brings the upbeat youthful feeling to the album, while the more instrumental pieces create an audio emotion of those days gone by. While the soundtrack was not the one from our teenage riots, it certainly feels like it was. Perhaps a false alteration of the past has made it fit, no one will know any different.

But it is the feeling and general atmosphere of Saturdays = Youth that takes you back. It works well with how you perhaps felt as a 15 year old, a time when you needed to love or else it be too late (Graveyard Girl), a time when hopes ran wild (Kim & Jessie) and emotions were as sporadic as the change in weather (Couleurs). This album manages to capture it all, and by the end you’ll want to drive until it burns your bones. 

An album to listen to on a Saturday when you’re ready to go back, just for one night.


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