Wario Land: The Shake Dimension

Wario Land: The Shake Dimension 
Format: Nintendo Wii
Players: 1
Genre: Platformer 
Release Date: 26th September 2008
Nintendo, Good-Feel 

Wario is the most probable hero of them all. Most of us would run for that gold over the people any day of the week. Because greed rules all, and Wario is the gaming symbol of this common sin. And we love him for it very much. 

Wario Land The Shake Dimension is the first Wario Land adventure to make it onto a home console, and it graces television sets with gorgeous cartoon animation, the richest look for Wario and his coin hunt. This time round Wario is off to defeat the evil Shake King and retrieve a legendary treasure. There is a young maiden in need of rescue too, but that is but a minor detail that can be pushed aside. Wario must venture and shake through mountains, jungles, cities and the sea in hopes to gather the seals to reach the Shake King and become a multi millionaire. What happens to all the money between each game? He must be a garlic addict.

It plays out like the 2D Wario platformers of old, especially Wario Land 4, with a slow puzzle orientated push forwards then a mad dash back to the exit once you reach the imprisoned bird at the end of the stage. Motion controls have been added for satisfying coin bag shaking, aiming and vehicle control, and for the most part they function well with the basic controls. It’s just a shame that the game has none of the energy of the previous iterations.

Wario waddles along to basic level design, irritating side puzzles and difficulty spiking boss battles. Despite the incredible animation which presents a cast full of life and vigour  the game feels undercooked and mundane. The ingenious puzzles of the previous Wario games aren’t here. It seems Good-Feel were too busy making good feel visuals rather than good feel gameplay. Good feel I do not. What?

Wario Land The Shake Dimension is like a model. Gorgeous to view, but empty inside. So damn empty, drained from years of wallowing in greed.



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