Jeff, Who Lives At Home

Jeff, Who Lives At Home
Release Date: 11th May 2012
Directors: Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass
Rating: 15
Right Of Way Films, Indian Paintbrush, Mr. Mudd, Paramount Vantage

Living with your Mum at 30, rarely leaving the house and no friends aside from the man on the TV, what a scary thought! It is a possible future we all fear and one Jeff embraces with pot and signs. 

Jeff, Who Lives At Home is about finding your destiny. Leaving the house in search of signs after seeing the popular movie (Signs, the one with the aliens), Jeff (Jason Segal) ends up on an adventure to help his brother Pat (Ed Helms) win back his wife. ‘Hilarious’ incidents such as following things with Kevin on them and stalking the troubled wife are the order of the day and it’s all done to a jingly ‘indie as fuck’ theme which makes the skin crawl.

It’s that type of film; wacky, seemingly meaningful and containing a dysfunctional family who are all just need to love a little more. It follows the dirty path of indie films which are annoyingly self-aware and full of pretentious touches. Plus this adds the nausea inducing zoom in, zoom out effect seen in documentaries.

It’s not a fun watch, especially when most of the script is filled with f bombs and corny sentimental moments and the sign concept rarely works its way into the plot, the links made often tenuous  There is a sub plot involving their Mum (Susan Sarandon) being chatted up by a mystery admirer too which adds to the cringe and  adds nothing to the overall story of Jeff’s journey and when the drama unfolds it typically ends in a barrage of shouting and forced in symbolism. The characters are aggravating, and it’s rather unfortunate that the film sometimes stumbles into the pleasant territory before everyone reverts back to being an irritating or spaced out jerk.

Jeff, Lives At Home is a lesson that you should really try to avoid falling into that situation. It just leads to embarrassing self discovery and shouting.


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