Currently Listening To: Beck – Odelay

Release Date: 18th June 1996 
Genre: Anti-folk 
Geffen Records 

Scattered emotions come together to create Odelay, the spontaneous madness of Beck Hansen. The straw dog leaping over the pole would perhaps be the visual representation if it had a shred of mellowness within its heart. 

Odelay is rock, folk, rap and dance all rolled into one, never predictable, never safe. Each track has the mellow Beck sound, but it can quickly turn without any prior warning. The opener ‘Devil’s Haircut‘ starts up beat then descends into screaming wails. Part of Beck’s appeal is his wild mood changes and experimentation within songs, and Odelay has all this in spades. Sea Change this isn’t.

There is a distinct hip hop sound going on throughout, with ‘High 5 (Rock The Catskills)‘ standing out as a hip hop track that can brush against some of the genres best, and Beck utilises his bizarre lyrics to sample music (from popular rock to classical orchestra)  and chilled beats with radical results. Then when it pulls back into melancholy acoustic it becomes clear that Beck is a true musical genius who cannot be tied down. Well, until he broke up with girlfriend which caused him to go all emotional on us and sporadic in his changing styles.

An album to listen to when you want some anti-folk hip hop rock dance. Because sometimes you need it all.


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