Currently Listening To: Rage Against The Machine – Evil Empire

Rage Against The MachineEvil Empire 
Release Date: 16th April 1996 
Genre: Alternative Metal 

After reading 1984 I had to jump back in Rage Against The Machine. They just work with each other on so many levels. Turn on tha radio. Nah fuck it, turn it off. It’s time for some rage. 

Evil Empire is another bout of raw anti-capitalist fuel, and the tightest of them all. Less roars, more rap and heavy funk riffs. Aside from the intense crowd pleaser ‘Bull On Parade‘ the album doesn’t really contain the memorable numbers seen in the début and The Battle Of Los Angeles, but together the tracks stand together and fight for flow and feeling. Each track is distinctive, but never detached to break the flow of political angst. It’s mix of hip hop and rock is perhaps the strongest of them all, even if it leads to more head bopping than head banging.

An album to listen to when you’re ready to riot. In your head, in your home, away from it all.



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