South Park 4 The Complete Fourth Season

South Park 4 The Complete Fourth Season
Release Date: 2000
Directors: Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Rating: 15
Comedy Central, Paramount

South Park season 4 was still at a time when the series had the children acting like children and gave off a sweet sense of innocence. Such as molestation charges, Man Boy loving and finger banging. So innocent. 

Not yet grounded into an expected necessity to make comments on current affairs, South Park Season 4 is just one fun adventure after the other. Seventeen episodes  with not a single dud amongst them (even though some would like to throw some of their hatred towards the Great Expectations retelling starring British boy Pip and robotic monkeys), and at the time it was a series getting smarter, sicker and funnier. While displaying an intense hatred of Phil Collins.

From the children becoming obsessive Christians due to their fear of hell to Kenny eating dog crap, it covers all bases while retaining the character and charm the residents of South Park bring to these issues. The topics discussed don’t override the characterisation and sense of place often lost in the new series. It’s kind of strange seeing Cartman so naive as he tries to make friends with mature adults online, though his transformation into an evil manipulative fat ass are starting to form as we see him con believers and deal chocolate at a fat camp for monetary gain.

Season 4 is confident, bold and not so obsessively tied down by the years current events. It balances gross humour with strong meaning while looking like complete crap. It’s trashy, but intelligent trash. And that makes for the best television.


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