Format: Xbox 360 Live Arcade
Players: 1
Price: 400 ms points
Genre: Shmup 
Release Date: 23rd May 2007 (XBLA)
Namco-Bandai Games Inc.

Shoot the enemies in front, bomb the enemies below, Xevious provided more ways to kill than previous shmups. Doesn’t it make you feel better?

Xevious is a creaky old shooter that Namco seem to love, rearing it’s ugly head (it is ugly) as a NES classic on the Game Boy Advance, a 3D Classic on the 3DS and a HD classic on the Xbox. It’s classic and I’ve owned it at least twice. I’m a sucker for arcade ‘classics’. I like to think I’m Johnny Maxwell from ‘Only You Can Save Mankind’ (Terry Pratchett), hitting the high score and dreaming about space reptiles. If it was modern the illusion just wouldn’t work. That and the fact Xevious is set over land, not space.

More a curiosity than a must, Xevious is slow, stiff and endless. You will never win the battle against the Xevious, and you won’t have much fun trying.



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