Art Of Balance

Art Of Balance 
Format: Nintendo Wiiware
Price: 1000 Nintendo points
Players: 1-2
Genre: Puzzle 
Release Date: 26th March 2010 

The water sits in the centre of a minimalist’s home, relaxed shopping music plays as glass shapes are scattered around waiting to be stacked. This is art. And there is balance.

Art Of Balance is as minimalistic as the gorgeous presentation. The objective is to stack shapes so they don’t collapse into the rippling water, and that’s it. Controls are simple with the remote pointer used to select shapes and place them, with the D Pad used to rotate them into the desired position. But the art of the game comes from how you get these shapes to stay together, atop the grey slab which keeps them away from the water. The balancing act feels so fragile, the pieces ready to shatter at any moment. It’s all so beautiful, so tragic. And it isn’t long before the challenge starts to eat away at the mind.

The game leaves no hints, leaving it all for the player to figure out. It can be a head stressing experience, but the excellent two player co-op allows another player to help you pick up those pieces when they start to feel to heavy in the hands. A versus mode is present too, but competition goes completely against the zen like nature the concept, visuals and sound have built up. This is for working together, slowly piecing everything together rather than breaking each other apart.

Art Of Balance is challenging, simple but deep and the perfect way to zone out with another without feeling like you’re being too intimate with each other. Even though you are rubbing your co-op partner’s leg as he tries to lodge the circle in between the X’s.



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