Currently Listening To: Green Day – ¡Dos!

Green Day¡Dos!
Release Date: 12th November 2012
Genre: Pop Punk

After ¡Uno! provided a selection of forgettable pop punk fluff, my anticipation for ¡Dos! dies on its arse. They can strum a pretty tune which sounds like the past, but can they push out a sound which makes them stand strong in the present? ¡Dos! gives it a go as the band plunges into the night. 

¡Dos! is the party going into full swing, and it brings a selection of trashy songs about sex, drugs and death. With titles like ‘Fuck Time‘ and ‘Makeout Party‘, it makes things clear on what this record is going to be like, and it’s a fun listen, despite being total trash. It has a sense of energy sorely missing from ¡Uno! and it even manages to mix things up with with acoustic numbers and songs which really hark back to the Dookie days without losing out to the songs of the past. Then you have ‘Nightlife‘ which has some lady singing with the crew. Which is odd and totally not punk. But punk is dead, so let the party continue.

The album still has some filler and tired tracks to fill in the gaps, but ¡Dos! manages to bring back the anticipation behind this trilogy. It’s like a take out meal, so dirty yet it tastes so good! Until the next day when you got to let it all out.

And album to listen to when you’re ready for some fuck time. Or not it if you don’t want to get into trouble when you hit the streets.


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