Xbox 360 App Attack (NBA Game Time, Wall Street Journal Live, Absolute Radio)

And so here are the next batch of Xbox 360 applications for the UK, all bundled together for all to see. B-ball, business and Living Colour.   It’s like taking a trip to magical America with your own personal radio. 

NBA Game Time is an app to check out basketball games and highlights. It’s a smooth application with clear images, though a bunch of content is locked away unless you’re ready to spend some moolah. Basketball was something I was totally into as a kid, thanks to the Jordan powered Space Jam, and so my eight year old self would be all over this app. But you have to wonder why we don’t have one of these for a popular UK sport. Like bowls. And why don’t they just make an ultimate sport app with free videos and subscription based stuff rather than having a separate one for each sport? Because.

WSJ Live is another American focussed app, this time on the lovely American businesses and stock markets. I was disappointed to learn that the WSJ meant Wall Street Journal and no Weekly Shonen Jump. But I still found myself entranced when listening to retail plans for Black Friday. That stuff always gets me going. I’m so sad. I doubt I’ll go out of my way to run the app again though, and I’m sure many UK Xbox owners  crave American stock news as I do when I  let it onto my TV.

Absolute Radio is the final app and this time it’s not about America! Though there is plenty of American music. Seven different decades of radio to pump through the tv from the 60’s to today.Being a 90’s kid I jumped straight to Absolute 90’s and was greeted by The Offspring. The sound is good and apart from a stream screw up were the track seemed to dive into a messy experimental jutter I don’t quite remember, this is as good as any radio box, as long as you don’t mind Absolute Radio being the only station you can access. But radio adverts are still annoying as hell. It reminds me on why I don’t do radio.

And so the Xbox 360 continues it’s journey on becoming the ultimate entertainment station. Even when a computer does it all quicker.


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