Colors! 3D

Colors! 3D
Format: Nintendo 3DS eShop
Price: £5.40
Players: 1
Genre: Paint Program
Release Date: 9th April 2012
Collecting Smiles

Everyone loves to draw in some form or another, be it glamorous paintings or notebook doodles. Colors! 3D allows you to share your works of art to the world, in 3D! Stick men have never had so much depth perception. 

The art program is simple to use but allows plenty of options to make something truly remarkable. Just taking a peek at the examples will show that you can make some fine art on the tiny touch screen system and the 3D gives it enough of a novelty to make you put your efforts into it rather than keeping your best work for the pad. Unfortunately I’m not much of an artist and so my designs are at best, crude. Which is putting it mildly. The game could do with some decent lessons on how to draw, but apart from giving you the basics, you’re on your own. It feels incredibly awkward to place your sheep dream picture on the online gallery when you see some of the works on there.

Though putting yourself against others shouldn’t kill the desire to draw, and each image on the gallery allows you to replay the process and see what tricks they used to make that guy look almost photographic. They probably put used a camera image from the 3DS and traced it… I’m not being bitter!

Colors! 3D is a neat little application to boot up when you want to kill some time or doodle without wasting poor trees with your awful efforts. An artist is one who draws from the soul, not one who can make a Pokeball look real. Maybe… Probably not. But at least my sheep dream has amazing depth perception!



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