Release Date: 7th November 2012
Director: Ben Affleck 
Rating: 15
GK Films, Smokehouse Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures

Ben Affleck has a mighty fine beard. As far as beards go, it ups the standard. It’s a better beard than mine, which makes me feel very inadequate and empty. Damn you Ben Affleck, if only we all had beards like you! Argo? Ar go fuck yourself!

Argo is a movie based on true events which seem too bizarre to be so. Set in 1979, hostages have been taken in Iran, retaliation for the nations sheltering a deposed Shah. Some Americans at the embassy have got mixed up in all this and have ended up in hiding at the Canadian ambassador’s home. Things aren’t looking good for them, and it’s up to Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) to come up with a plan to get them out. And that plan is to make a fake sci-fi film called Argo, and sneak into Iran with the false intentions of checking for filming locations. Truth is stranger than fiction as they say, and the film is incredibly interesting as the plan comes together. Though it’s a shame Argo is a fake movie, it looked to be quite good… in a corny B movie type of way.

Tension is what drives the story as there is always a constant foreboding atmosphere that things are about to turn sour for the Americans hiding out in Iran. And once the plan is put into motion the tension becomes almost unbearable. The thump of the heart quickens as we see Tony try to get them out as well as the Iranian’s slowly close in on their targets. By the final act it will feel like your heart is about to burst. Thankfully light humour helps reduce the tha-thump and stops it from being too miserable and po-faced. Showing a lighter side to the characters helps make the later scenes all the more engaging. It’s hard to care about some guys being captured if you don’t really know all that much about them. Just a statistic.

Argo is a great sci-fi epic, delivering an incredible story of space battles and aliens. What?


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