Purity Ring Live!

Purity Ring brought glow up lanterns and a strange balloon music making drum machine. On a visual front already Purity Ring were bringing something interesting to compliment their thumping electronica and dreamy fantasy vocals, though it was hard to catch a good glimpse thanks to the six-foot hipster giants standing towards the front. Static giants who wouldn’t let the waves which vibrated inside their bodies move them to dance. But what can you expect from hipsters? Probably went to the gig to tick it off their ‘bands I heard before they were cool’ list.

Despite crowd woes, the music was flawless, capturing the beauty of the album yet covering each track with a different approach, be it vocal subtleties or additional sounds from the oriental gong . Shutting the eyes and moving the arms was the way to catch the waves of pulsing electronic. The support act Doldrums provided a similar ecstasy. There was certainly no static from me.


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