Release Date: 21st November 2012
Director: Michael Hoffman 
Rating: 12
Momentum Pictures, FilmNation Entertainment, CBS Films

Harry Deane (Colin Firth) has the boss blues, and to get some revenge on his mistreatment in the workplace, Harry has a plan. A plan which involves conning his boss for twelve million pounds with a forgery of a famous painting. It’s a simple plan surely to succeed if his visions are anything to by, but unfortunately for Harry his plan is too thin and so he must make an idiot out of himself to fill some time. 

Gambit has a bare bones plot, covered in the cartoon opening, within a dream and then put into actual practise. To have the plan displayed in three different ways is a sure sign that there isn’t enough here to keep a feature-length run time, and so the film discards the main goal till the end as it fills time up with an overly long hotel romp full of innuendos and random vase grabbing.

Rather than trying to con the ‘evil’ Lord Shabandar (Alan Rickman) with his master plan, he spends most of his time trying to deal with the Texan cowgirl PJ (Cameron Diaz) as he wanders around a hotel with a wet patch on his crotch and getting the hotel staff thinking he’s some kind of sexual deviant. He even loses his pants, that’s how far they stretch it. These scenes are humorous in a Carry On sort of way, but they spend more time on Harry going on about his ‘Major’ than the actual plan at hand. One guy in the cinema was nearly choking from laughter, so it certainly caters to some.

Gambit is a mildly entertaining film which is largely inoffensive and is perfect movie fodder for those lazy Sunday afternoons when it pops up on Film4. Apart from the nudist scenes.A bit high-octane for Sunday afternoon…


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