Nestle Yorkie Man Size Buttons

SDC11564Man Sized Buttons! Not big enough for puny women. Or something. They’re bigger than my coat buttons so I’m starting to feel a little uneasy about my man status. Apparently great for Sports Night In, car journeys and action movies! Bring them instead of beer and feel the manly embrace. Or a beating. 

Despite the stupid slogan Nestle insist on stamping on the Yorkie brand, the thick burly chocolate is rather nice, and buttons is the perfect way to break them into a bite sized share bag, rather than mutated slabs resembling the product in everything but taste. These taste like Yorkie and they are pretty damn huge when you compare them to Cadbury’s meagre Big Buttons, but it also means they can be skimpy on how many they throw in a bag. If you shared these out between a group of four friends you’d get about three each. Size isn’t everything. But quantity is.


At least they taste right.


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