South Park The Scripts: Book One


South Park The Scripts: Book One 
Trey Parker And Matt Stone
Release Date: 1999
4 Books, Comedy Central 

It’s been a while since I’ve tackled a script of my own, not since university times (So around May then), but they forever remain on my forever long writing to do list. While I wait for forever to arrive, books like this help push it a little higher up the list. The power of scripts with fart jokes. 

South Park The Scripts: Book One is a collection of five full scripts from the hit TV show. Four scripts from season one, and one from season two. It collects the stories of ‘Cartman Gets An Anal Probe’, ‘Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride’, ‘Death’, ‘Cartman’s Mom Is A Dirty Slut’, and ‘Cartman’s Mom Is Still A Dirty Slut’. The titles say it all when it comes down to explaining what South Park is about. Crude, silly, with some message at the end. Though you wouldn’t get the latter point from the titles…

The scripts are tight, showing just how talented Trey Parker and Matt Stone are. The way two separate plot points merge into one by the episodes end helps create some depth beyond the constant barrage of bizarre set pieces and gags, something which isn’t seen in modern South Park which opts for just one plot line each episode.

This is the two guys youthful energy poured out into script, and apart from the occasional random fart throw in, these are smart and almost as entertaining to read as it is to watch the show. Seeing how they piece the stories together in script focus is also a big help for any wannabe screenwriters (like myself), as they split each ep into acts with little nuances to explain how they want certain scenes to look and sound. Play that faggot Titanic music they say. Already it’s in my head.



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