KFC Gladiator Box Meal


The Fillet Box Meal is a pretty sweet deal at KFC, isn’t it? A fillet burger, one piece of chicken, one side, one portion of chips and a drink. That’s enough to fill any normal junk food craving being up. But it won’t fill a gladiator, oh no. 

The Gladiator Box Meal is KFC’s latest super special box release, and it consists of everything you get in the Fillet Box Meal plus one extra piece of chicken. Yep, all it takes to be a gladiator is to be able to gouge down one extra piece. One extra piece and a whole new marketing scheme! Why don’t they give us the box meal we all want? That would be a Fillet Box Meal with Boneless fillets instead of the bony kind. Isn’t that what we all want? Except from that guy over there who wants a chip party box meal. He’s all wrong in the head.


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