Bleach Volume 38: Fear For Fight

bleach 38

Bleach Volume 38: Fear For Fight
Story and Art: Tite Kubo
Release Date: 3rd April 2009
Covers Chapters 323-331
Shonen Jump /Viz Media

Have a fear for fight? Best avoid volume 38,as that’s all there is. Swords clash, and the story skedaddles. How battles are. 

Volume 38 continues the battles in the great winter war, with four battles taking place to protect the four pillars at the edges of the fake town. If the pillars are lost, the real town will unravel for the evil Aizen to destroy, so these are important battles. Pity the battles don’t feel all that important. Volume 37 saw pretty boy Yumichika tear apart the drag queen bleach38Arrancar Charlotte, and Volume 38 sees some more one-sided battles. Kira faces bird man Abirama, Hisagi takes on the power changing Findorr while Ikkaku struggles against the blow up Poww. The battles tend to have the villain transform before the hero powers up and defeats them with little in the way of tactics. The only exception is Ikkaku’s battle, but only because he refuses to use his full potential. These are thrill free battles with underdeveloped villains thrown into the fray against C-list players who are cleaning up too easily.

The flashes of style keep the battles entertaining to flip through despite the lack of interesting tactics on display, but there is a sense that this war is going to be drag with fights against newly introduced enemies we’ve had no time to hate. As the pillar battles come to an end, the clashes begin. But only against these fodder warriors. Where is the meat? Where are the Espada? Sitting in a corner. Chilling.


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