One Piece Volume 64: 100,000 VS. 10

op64One Piece Volume 64: 100,000 Vs. 10
Story and Art: Eiichiro Oda
Release Date: 4th November 2011
Covers Chapters 627-636
Shonen Jump/Viz Media

100,000 versus 10?! You got to feel sorry for those 100,000 when they realise the ten happen to be the Straw Hat Pirates. Not even a million can stop that rowdy crew. Unless they are an army of beautiful female swordsmen carrying meat. 

Volume 64 finishes off the epic history lesson of Fish Man Island and the big battle begins! A lot of history has been built up when it comes to Fish Men and humans differences to try to get the reader pumped up for the Straw Hats versus Hody’s army, but it does feel slightly forced. Any random Fish Man has to say something about their differences, and it starts to become heavy-handed. The crazy members of Hody’s gang making their way to battle and the Straw Hats introduction and fodder clean up make for the more exciting parts of the novel, away from any racial topics and melodrama. When you have a drunken octopus swordsman slicing up his fellows because he’s drunk, and a Chameleon Fish Man too proud to admit he’s just been ignored, you know you’re in for a good time.


The wait to see the Straw Hats let off some steam after the time skip has been a long time coming, and it seems to have been worth it. Franky steals the show with his new mechanical machines, but everyone has something to show with inventive moves suited to their styles. The fodder may serve only to show this display of destruction off, but it’s a much needed release after the agonising wait.

The history lesson ends and the battles begin; volume 64 brings the Fish Man Island arc into its final act, and despite a few ham-fisted plot statements to try to strive for meaning and tension, this is the grand reunion of the crew’s ass kicking ways. I want to ride the Black Rhino!


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