Black Cat Volume 10: Big Changes

bc10Black Cat Volume 10: Big Changes 
Story and Art: Kentaro Yabuki
Release Date: 9th October 2002
Covers Chapters 85 – 93
Shonen Jump Advanced /Viz Media

The last battle led to some big changes in Creed’s motley crew. Doubts, abandoners and a few missing limbs. It’s a tough life holding together an evil organisation. 

Volume 10 jumps straight back into the action as the sinister Creed continues to lust for bc10his favourite assassin, Train. It seems barely a week has gone by since he failed to recruit him to his organisation, and now he’s trying to grab his attention by murdering his friends. Seems like a logical course of action to get someone on your side.

It’s another race against time with barely enough build up to make it anything but slightly comical. It would be nice to see a little planning and downtime for a change, though the resulting outcome after the showdown does lead to some humorous scenes. And a crazy crush girl. Every manga needs one of them.

Volume 10 is a blast of death, revelations and new threats, yet it never ends up as exciting as it all sounds. It needs a big change in structure, but it seems happy to charge from one action sequence to the next.


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