Nintendo Land

nintendo land Nintendo Land 
Format: Nintendo Wii U
Players: 1-5
Genre: Mini Game Collection
Release Date: 30th November 2012

Welcome to Nintendo Land! Venture into the park to enjoy great games based on Nintendo classics from Super Mario to The Legend Of Zelda. And Takamaru. 

Nintendo Land is a twelve game collection which shows why the Wii U game pad is such a neat slab of plastic. Each game offers a new variation of play, showing the different views and playing styles between the TV display and the game pad screen. In Zelda the TV players use wii remotes to swing their swords, while the game pad user handles a bow with gyro controls. In Donkey Kong the player tilts the game pad to get their vehicle to the end of the course. F-Zero sees the player use the pads screen for a top down view while using the TV view for boost pads obscured in the tunnels. The features are smart and brings a lot of fun, especially in the competitive modes. Having one player sneak around as a ghost while the players on the TV try to hunt it down is hilarious. And slightly creepy. And the ghost is behind you!

nintendo land

The attractions are packed with depth and replay value, making them far more than throw away tech demos, and the Nintendo series turned into toys and chalk drawings bring the charm. The only way you’d start to feel miserable in Nintendo Land is if you can’t get some friends on board to enhance the experience. It sure is fun throwing clay bombs at ninjas in solo play, but when you see the gates to Mario Chase closed shut, the melancholy solitude kicks in. It’s like taking a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach alone, shuffling through the ghost house with no girl to squeeze your arm in terror. Though at Nintendo Land you can’t even go on the ghost ride if you’re going solo. Online play or bots are absent, and the Miiverse posts from online visitors scattered around the park won’t open those multiplayer only rides any time soon.

There is still plenty of fun to have alone on Nintendo Land thanks to the quality of games on offer, but get another friend or two or four on board and prepare for a fun day out. In your living room.



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