Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint Bubbly


The green text looks glow in the dark rather than minty fresh. Imagine if the chocolate actually glowed once the lights went out? It wouldn’t be the kind of thing you want in your mouth, but it would be cool. And useful in a black out. I think in 2012 we aren’t allowed such treats, the days of glow in the dark Coco Pops are no more. 

The Mint Bubbly isn’t even green on the inside, instead showing off a pale white chunk of mint hiding within the bubbly area. There is a lot of mint to chew down on and it doesn’t leave the sickly after taste like Aero Mint does. It’s a delicious if expected flavour to join the Bubbly line. It’s a bit like colours of TVs. If they do a black one, they’ll probably do a silver one in time. Expected, but one mustn’t fault a bar which sticks to the basics. No toffee apple or Marmite here. Or glow in the dark features for that matter.



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