Currently Listening To: Sonic Youth – Goo

gooSonic Youth – Goo
Release Date: 26th June 1990
Genre: Alternative Rock 

After Daydream Nation my brain has turned to goo. Goo which shakes and quivers to the punk rock beat of Sonic Youth. It’s better this way. 

Goo is the one with the iconic status, yet compared to Daydream Nation it feels a lot tamer, more controlled. It starts off soft and finishes heavy, but the unpredictable nature here feels coherent and stricter. ‘Mildred Pierce‘ is the heavy track and ‘Tunic (Song For Karen)‘ is the conversational sounding track which whisks you away to heaven. Distinct styles are kept isolated within their respective tracks rather than constantly changing up as the heavy rock riffs wail on by and transitions are absent though teased. ‘Mary-Christ‘ starts to play the ‘Kool Thing‘ riff at the end, but then it restarts when that track actually starts up. The music is still wilder than most as it ranges between soft rock classics to scooter noise, but I’m still daydreaming.

An album to listen to when you’re after the next Kool Thing. From the past.



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