Currently Listening To: My Bloody Valentine – Isn’t Anything


My Bloody Valentine – Isn’t Anything
Release Date: 1st November 1988
Genre: Shoegazing 
Sony Music

The wall of sound blurs on like a raging blizzard. Many venture close, but few make it through. But those who do find something tender and become lost within the wall. Isn’t anything? 

Isn’t Anything is a marriage of experimental guitar work mixed with heartfelt lyrics and it initially sounds messy. The instruments versus and vocals don’t seem to work together and the former especially overrides the lyrics for the most time. But each listen makes more sense and eventually it clicks and a journey to blissful romance awaits. At times it will drive you along and others it will feel like falling into a dark void as the music crumbles away. It’s beautiful, you just have to let it take you into its wall. It’s safe on the other side. Close your eyes, and when you wake, you’re still in a dream.

An album to listen to when you want to wrap yourself up in layers.



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